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Woo DavesI have been very fortunate over my career to be associated with the best companies in the business. My sponsors are the best in the world and I am more than proud to be associated with each one. One thing about me that stands out from a lot of other fishermen is that I truly believe in each product I use. I am extremely proud that I can recommend them to my friends.

WRANGLER RUGGED WEAR - You've heard of the Wrangler brand, but what about Wrangler Rugged Wear? This is a technically correct line for apparel expressly designed for serious anglers and hunters. I'm proud to serve on their Outdoor Advisory Team and can say their gear is very durable, very functional and it fits just right. When I'm fishing, practically live in the angler shorts and pants with side tool pockets. And when it's hunting time, I usually wear the insulated denim jeans in camo or the camo field pants with brush guard. Whatever the season, whatever the sport. Wrangler Rugged Wear has what it takes to do the job. They are listening to sportsmen and they are definitely giving us what we need.

NITRO BOATS - I use the Nitro Z8 because it fits my style of fishing. It has plenty of room for storage. I love the speed because I know I will be the first one to the fishing hole. When I get there I know. not only will I have been on the smoothest ride but will be dry. I don't know any other boat company in the business that can make that statement. I have always said, Nitro is the only bass boat that my mother would ever ride in twice. One other nice thing about Tracker is they build a boat for everyone's needs and price range that you can depend on. I commend all the employees at Tracker for building the Rolls Royce of bass boats.

- I have used Mercury motors for 30 years on the B.A.S.S. trail and they have never let me down on a tournament day. Mercury has always been the leader in technology, speed, and reliability by a wide margin. When I leave in the morning I always have the confidence that I will return in the evening thanks to Mercury motors. Believe me, when you head out into Lakes Erie, Ontario, and other places like the Mobile Delta that means a lot.

Woo DavesBASS PRO SHOPS - This would be my first choice of a place to live if I was single. I love going into a Bass Pro Shops because it is always a joyful experience. They work twice as hard as anyone in fishing and hunting to make the customer feel special. Believe me if they don't have it you probably don't need it. I have been shopping at Bass Pro Shops for over 30 years and it always amazes me how it gets better each time. If you haven't visited any of the Bass Pro Shops, please do and tell them Woo sent you. While you're there, take a look at the Extreme Woo Daves' Signature Rods, Woo Shoes, and Woo DVD's! When it comes to fishing line Bass Pro Shops' Excel monofilament and XPS Fluorocarbon are the greatest. There is not a better line on the market, enough said!

RAYMARINE ELECTRONICS - The finest electronics I have ever used.  With advanced technologies like wide spectrum CHIRP DownVision™ and all weather optically bonded displays; Dragonfly sonars let you spend more time catching fish and less time looking for them. From top to bottom, the best units you will ever use.  Salt water/fresh water, it makes no difference, they get the job done!

LINE KEEPER Woo knows you can have 16 outfits in your rod box, but only the Line Keeper has them ready to tie on a lure and cast within seconds. Simply unclip Line Keeper and you're ready! Woo says, "It you fish a Carolina Rig as n-iuch as I do, you're familiar with tangled lines and rods when moving from one fishing spot to another. Using the LINE KEEPER will eliminate that problem, whether you're fishing a Carolina, or Drop-Shot Rig. If you're looking for a vehicle, espeically a Chevrolet product, go visit one of the Hendrick stores across the country. Back in the 70's, I bought my first car from Hendrick Chevrolet and every vehicle since then has come from one of his stores. Friendly and courteous service and a down home atmosphere that makes you proud to be one of their customers, keeps me coming back year after year.

ZOOM BAIT COMPANY - I could write a dozen pages on Zoom- Two of the best things love about Zoom are the texture and colors. I promise you, if you buy a Zoom plastic today or next year, you are going to get the same texture and color day in and day out. No one else in the plastic business can say that. Another great thing about Zoom is that Ed Chambers and his employees are fishermen. They listen to fishermen and stay on top of things, always coming out with new products and colors, when you need them. Again, if Zoom doesn't have it, you don't need it.

MUSTAD HOOKS - The Mustad Ultra Point hook is the finest hook ever made and that is the bottom line. Not only is the hook the sharpest I have ever used, but you don't have to worry about it bending like other brands do. Another great thing about Mustad is that they listen to fishermen, since the staff also likes to fish. They are always and I mean always trying to make a better hook for every species of fishing. It makes no difference whether you are fishing fresh or salt water or what fish you are chasing, Mustad has a hook for your needs.

Spider King Rod Holders

Mustad Hooks


Just Ice - Just-Ice, LLC brings you a revolutionary approach to self contained ice manufacturing. Our state of the art technology is set to transform the way bagged ice is sold. Clean Ice is efficiently produced on site, on demand with filtered water & ultra violet disinfecting system. Ice is always fresh, no waste is produced.

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