Woo Wormin' Techniques

This has been a very strange winter with it being extremely warmer than usual. I believe the water will warm up faster this spring making for some great fishing. I have heard some awesome winter time fishing reports from all over the country.

It was great to see a lot of old friends at some of the fishing shows last month. After all the seminars I’ve done over the years I still get more questions on worm fishing than anything else. I love to fish a Zoom worm or lizard especially on Bass Pro Shops’ spinning rod. If you learn to fish with spinning tackle and get confidence in it, you will improve your fishing by fifty percent. I’m a firm believer in that statement. A lot of guys call spinning rods, Mickey Mouse equipment, but the way I see it Mickey Mouse has gone to the bank about as well as anyone.

Spinning rods are easy to learn with practice. I use a Bass Pro Shops’ Extreme Woo rod in 6’ to6’8” medium to medium/heavy. A Bass Pro Shops’ Pro-Qualifier reel spooled with Bass Pro Shops’ Excel 10 lbs. test line probably 90% of the time. I will go lighter on line size when I am smallmouth or finesse fishing. When I am in extremely heavy cover I will go up to 12 lbs. or 14 lbs. Excel line. I will also change to Bass Pro Shops’ fluorocarbon in clear water lakes.

When I rig plastics I try to downsize on my hardware as much as possible. I have found the more natural looking the bait the more strikes I get. I will use a Mustad 1/0 hook in straight shank most of the time. If I get into bigger plastics or bigger fish I will go to a 2/0 or 3/0 Mustad.  One thing you can rely on is if you are fishing the Mustad Ultra point hook you are fishing with the sharpest and toughest hooks ever made. Six of the last eight Bassmaster’s Classic winners used Mustad hooks and the other two probably did too.

When it comes to down sizing the greatest thing to come along for the fisherman who use plastic has been the introduction of the Tungsten weights. Tru-Tungsten has been the leader with a wide variety of sizes and colored slip sinkers. The weight of Tungsten has allowed the Tru-Tungsten company to come out with weights that are almost half the size of conventional weights. Not only do you get more natural looking baits, but your hook setting ratio goes up tremendously because of the smallness of the Tru-Tungsten weight.

The only other thing you need to do after rigging your Zoom lizard, worm, brushhog, centipede, or Texas style is to apply Jack’s Juice in crawfish or garlic scent. For years I have used Jack’s Juice and preached to fisherman the value of using scents on your worms. A lot of fishermen have figured it out and the ones that haven’t are still dragging up the rear. It’s simply a no-brainer, use scent, and catch more fish. If I get out on the lake without my Jack’s Juice, I feel naked.

When you want to learn to be a serious “wormer”, load your Plano Flipsider box with Zoom worms, Mustad hooks, Tru-Tungsten weights, Jack’s Juice and leave everything else at home. Get out on the lake and just fish. Make short casts to targets, give your worm plenty of time to get to the bottom, then move about six inches and repeat this over and over.  Take your time and don’t get in a hurry. Shake it every once in a while and when it doesn’t feel right, that’s when you want to jerk. If you want to be a serious “worm man” get the “Wormin with Woo” video or DVD from Bass Pro Shops and I promise you will become a better wormer.

Learning to fish plastics will give you a lot more big bass. There are more big bass caught on plastics than all other lures put together. If you don’t believe this, go back through your old bass magazines and look at the lunker page.  You will see plastics account for 80% of the big bass caught.

Hope your next trip out in your new Nitro is a fish catching dream. Good luck and use your Flowmaster Muffler System for better gas mileage. May God Bless!

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