Topwater, Cranks & Carolinas

June is a great month for fishing. The majority of bass have already bedded and are really getting back into a feeding and a schooling mood. You can have some awesome top water action early morning and late evening and sometimes all day.  Top water, cranking and Carolina rigging are prime techniques.  So don’t be afraid to try a fast moving erratic jerkbait.

Mid May through mid June is prime time shad spawning.  Most of this happens after the bass have spawned, giving the bass plenty to feed on. I like to look around rocky banks and especially riprap. Another prime place is docks that have styrofoam floats, as the shad love these. You can get a quick pattern going when you find the shad on one of these structures. Marina docks are also another prime place to look, if the shad are doing their thing.

First, I will work a Bagley’s bango lure in black and silver around rock points, or along side of the floating docks. If the bass don’t want a prop type bait, then I will go to a popper like  the Bass Pro Shops’ Z Pop. If these are not working go to an XPS Slim Dog. This is a walk the dog type lure that imitates a wounded shad. I fish all my top water baits on a Woo Daves’ Extreme 6’ ML rod and us 14 lbs. XPS line. A little tip is to coat the first 10 feet of your line with fly line dressing for a lot better action. On most top water lures, I use a double loop knot that free up the action on the lures. Another good technique this time of year is just to put your MotorGuide on high speed and go down the bank fishing.  You will be surprised at the fish you catch on nothing places.

Next I will fish a shad colored or black silver Bagley’s small fry, as this is the best shad imitation lure I have ever used around docks and riprap or shallow drops. I use Woo Daves’ Extreme 6’ML rod with 10 lbs. Excel test line. Give the lure a lot of stop and go retrieves and put some action into it. If you can catch current around riprap corners or bridge pilings, this is a deadly lure in June. One thing you definitely want to look for is blue herrings on the bank, if they are there so are the shad. Another tip, if your top water action slows down, go back over the same area with a Zoom double fluke rig. If you can find shallow humps or shoals, this is also a prime area to fish any of the lures mentioned above.

The Carolina rig is in its prime right now. I use at least a three foot leader and a lot of times four feet. I will fish a ¾ oz Lindy’s Rattlin’ No-Snagg weight and a Mustad 1/0 wide gap offset hook with a Zoom Centipede or Zoom lizard, fluke or trick worm. The reason I like the long leader is because the fish are hungry and when they hear the sinker hit the water they are looking.  Once the sinker hits bottom then the lure sinks four feet slowly and they can’t stand it. You need to wait 10 to 15 seconds before moving the lure.  Then, you need to be checking on the first move to see if something feels funny. A lot of times the fish is on there right away. Use a 7’ 4” Woo Daves’ Extreme rod with 17 lbs XPS fluorocarbon test on main line and a 10 to 12 lbs test XPS leader. I like to use XPS fluorocarbon line, because of the feel.

Now I want to tell you about a new lure called the Slickfish. This is a top water lure that can be thrown into the thickest of cover and it will not hang up. The hooks are inside the lure and are triggered on a spring to pop out on the hook set. This is not a gimmick, but a lure that works great in grass or lily pads. You can call Wes Cox at 866-378-fish or write P.O. Box 29175, Dallas, Texas 75229 for information. This is a very impressive lure.

Good luck fishing in your new Nitro and hope you catch the bygone. May God Bless!

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