Topwater Strikes

This is my favorite time of year to take a newcomer fishing and introduce him to bass fishing. Knowing we are going to catch bass would be post spawn. The bass are guarding fry and feeding up after the spawn. This is shallow water fishing at its best and the best time to catch bass on topwater lures. Most bass fishermen live for the topwater strike and this is prime time.

I like three lures when it comes to topwater fishing, a tailspinner like the Bagley's Bang-o-lure, a Bagley's Pop'N B a popper style bait, and the Bass Pro Shops' Slim Dog, a walking bait. I fish all these lures on a Bass Pro Shops' Extreme Woo Daves' six foot medium light rod, 17 lbs. Bass Pro Shops' Excel super tough line. One trick is to put fly line dressing on your line to help it to float, as this will make your lures work better. I always put Mustad Ultra point triple grip hooks on all my lures, this is a must.

I like to fish a Bang-O lure around cover when the bass want a slow moving lure. This is a lure you toss to cover and just let it sit until the rings disappear, then give it just enough twitch to make it wiggle. Let it sit till you can't stand it and then twitch again.

The Pop'N B can be fished slowly as the Bang-O- lure, or fished medium speed and even fast. Here you are giving the bass three options and usually one of them will work. This is also a great rhythm bait and once you get the right cadence the bass are yours.

The Slim Dog is one of my all time favorites and has produced some really nice fish. This is a walking the dog lure. It is the easiest lure I have ever used to walk the dog with and a novice can easily fish this lure as it almost works on its own. I'll start out with a slow walking retrieve and pick up the pace until I find out what is enticing the bass on that particular day.

Make sure you have an Uncle Buck's buzzbait, the triple Clicker is my favorite, and my second choice would be Bass Pro Shops' Buzz Master. One thing about buzz baits is to change sizes if you're not getting a bite. Some days they want a loud noise big bait and the next time a subtle noise small bait, so if the one you're using isn't working try the next. Also, the higher you hold your rod the slower you can work the lure. I promise, you will catch a big bass when they want a slow retrieve.

The reason I use a medium light rod for top water is simple. I was lucky to fish with Charlie Campbell, the master top water fisherman years ago. He taught me the soft tip will work the lure much better and allow the bass to take the lure.

Another great lure is the in-line buzzer like the Uncle Buck's Bucktail Skirt buzzer. This lure can be fished in any type of cover such as lily pads, matted grass, lay downs, and anywhere you would be scared to throw a normal bait. One trick for fishing this lure and the buzzbait is to add a Zoom Ultra-vibe super chunk, especially if you are missing strikes. It allows you to slow the bait down and for some reason the bass will kill the lure.

Good luck fishing and may God Bless you!

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