Thoughts about Post Spawn

My favorite floating worms are either the Zoom finesse or trickworm. I fish them on a Bass Pro Shop Extreme Woo Daves' 6'8" spinning rod, Bass Pro Shops' 10 lbs. Excel line, and a Mustad 2/0 hook. This time of year bass will come a long ways to get a bait, so I like a very slow falling worm. I simply fish this lure with a twitching motion never letting it get out of site. When you get a bite, don't get excited let the fish take it before setting the hook. Green Pumpkin, watermelon seed, and black are my favorite colors.

Tubes and grubs (Zoom's Fat Albert) are awesome lures this time of year. I like to fish them on the same spinning outfit sometimes going to Bass Pro Shops' 8 lbs. Excel line. I will fish these with a 1/16 oz. grub head or even a 1/32 oz. for a slow fall. I like to sit on the end of points in 10 to 12 foot of water and fan cast letting the lure fall to the bottom. I will move it about twice and if no fish, reel in and repeat. Bass will usually come a distance to get these lures and most every fish will be there before it hits bottom.

The Horny Toad is a topwater power bait and has been the hottest selling lure the past year. I fish this on the Bass Pro Shop Extreme 7'4" Woo Daves' rod with at least 17 lbs. Bass Pro Shops' Excel line and a 5/0 Mustad hook. This lure is a great buzzing lure that bass can't resist. What I like about it is you can throw it anywhere, the thicker the better. The ultravibe tails give off a noise unlike anything else, and the big bass love this bait.

The Z Nail is a cigar shaped worm that is bulky and has a great vibration to it on a slow fall. I will fish this with different Mustad hook sizes to alternate the fall and add weight to it in the form of a nail to get a different fall rate. This lure can also be rigged Texas style for cover, open hooked for open water or fished wacky style. Wacky style means hooking in the middle with a smaller hook usually. I will cast this lure to a target and let fall to the bottom on slack line, twitch a couple times, reel in and repeat. Usually bass have it before it reaches bottom. Sometimes you can just let it lay a little while, which is called dead sticking.

Things to remember when fishing these lures is to alternate the fall speed of the lures by changing hook sizes and adding weights. Alternate the cadence of the lure from slow to fast. The line sizes will make a difference. Like all lures the more you play with them and change things around you will learn what the bass wants at certain times. Remember if you are not catching fish, the lure is fishing you and if you are catching fish you are fishing the lure.

I also like to add scents to my lure. I religiously use Jack's Juice in crawfish scent. It makes a big difference, I've seen it happen too many times. Jack's Juice has a formula that penetrates plastic which less than five percent of the other brands will do. Once you spray a lure with Jack's Juice, you don't have to keep adding each cast. It will make the fish bite the lure and hold on to it. Every fisherman on the pro trail whom I know, uses scent.

This is a great time of year to introduce a friend or kid to fishing, as the action is usually great and anyone can catch fish on these tactics. Put your Nitro in the water, fire your Mercury up and get out there and catch a big one.

May God Bless you!

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