The Old Ruts

The best time to hunt deer is when they are in the rut. They are very predictable and do a lot of dumb things. A lot of times we as fishermen also seem to get into a rut. Doing the same time over and over and making mental mistakes.

Several times I have been fishing along for a while and catching absolutely nothing and it will dawn on me, "Hey dummy, get out of this rut, now!" Three things go through my mind at this time, do I change fishing locations, do I change lures or do I change techniques? My first thought would be to fire up my NITRO and move, but usually this is not the best choice.

Usually, when you are on the lake you have probably gone to an area that is holding fish and the object is to figure out how to catch them, rather than burning up a lot of gas. Most of the consistent bass pros on the circuit pick an area to fish and then spend a lot of time in that one particular area looking for a pattern instead of running all over the lake. So this is when I want to use my MOTQRGUIDE trolling motor, since I can always recharge my Interstate Batteries and not burn up a lot of gas.

Let's say that you are using a 1/4 ounce Rat-L-Trap or a 1/8 ounce MEPPS' spinnerbait and this is not working. Instead of cranking up and leaving, try a 1/2 ounce Rat-L-Trap or MEPPS spinnerbait. You can also change colors and varying your retrieves. Trying to determine what the bass want. How many times have you fished in an area and watched someone around you catch fish and you can't seem to buy a bite. You probably have the same lure but the wrong technique. This is when you need to start experimenting with different sizes and techniques, in otherwords get out of your rut. Another real key at times that a lot of fisherman don't realize is a simple change in your line size can make a big difference. For instance you have been using 20 pound Supertough STREN on your favorite Woo worm and not getting any bites. You need to change to a lighter size, say 12 pound test and this will change the speed of the fall of the lure and a lot of times triggering strikes. You can be fishing any number of lures, jigs, spinnerbaits, topwater, crankbait and the line size alone can determine a good fishing day or a bad one. That is why STREN makes so many different sizes of line.

Don't get in the same old rut unless it's working. Experiment don't be afraid to make a change.

Look for the Woo worm in chocolate with orangetail, cover it good with crayfish flavored Jack's Juice and hang on.

Good luck and may God bless!

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