Mistakes of a Novice

I was fishing with a friend a couple weeks ago, who had only been fishing for a year or two. He asked me to evaluate his fishing and point out any mistakes I thought he was making. Also to give him some tips that might make him a more productive fisherman. After a couple hours of fishing I had noticed two major faults that so many novice fishermen make. Boat positioning when fishing structure and the fact he was fishing way too fast and changing lures every two minutes.

Watch a pro like Rick Clunn or Mark Davis pull into an area and you will notice two things right off the bat. How they position their boat on each piece of structure, how thoroughly they fish the area, and you won't see them changing lures very often. Your Motorguide trolling motor is one of your most important fishing tools that you have. You need to learn how to use it more effectively. Most fisherman tend to keep it on high all the time. Remember, you can't fish slowly when it is on high. Also it is very important not to hit the trolling motor at the wrong time and blow out the structure you are fishing.

Let's say you are fishing a LedgeBuster spinnerbait or an Extreme crankbait on a certain piece of cover. Remember, your first cast is almost always your most important. Look at the cover before you cast and make sure you are in a position to make the best cast. Ease around with your Motorguide trolling motor till you are in the right spot to get your lure in the best possible strike zone. You can take the best spinnerbait in the world (LedgeBuster) and not catch fish if you don't put it in the right place.

Another thing that is very important is don't get yourself in a bind where you have to hit your trolling motor and wash out the structure you are trying to fish. I see a lot of people do this and it usually comes from going too fast, slow that Motorguide down when you get in a good spot.

Another tip, if you are new at fishing don't be scared to buy or rent every fishing video you can get your hands on. There are good videos out now by reputable fishermen that will teach you how to fish an Extreme crankbait, a LedgeBuster spinnerbait or a Zoom worm; how to use your Raytheon electronics; how to rig and get the best performance out of your Nitro bass boat; how to spool that great Stren line on your Extreme reels, tie knots and anything else you want to know about bass fishing. Actually, my latest video, in the Bass Pro Shop Woo's Clues can help you. Things that took us old guys years to learn, you can learn in just a few minutes in front of your TV.

Good luck in your upcoming tournaments and keep spraying Jack's Juice on your favorite lure. Try a Flowmaster Muffler on your tow vehicle for added performance and better gas mileage.

May God bless you and take a kid fishing!


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