New Tricks with Woo

Last year I wrote an article on organizing your tackle with the PLANO Tackle Logic System, this is undoubtably the best way to keep your worms, spinnerbaits, and jigs organized. Terminal tackle is an organized fashion where you can find exactly what you need at a moments notice. So often when you are fishing, especially in a tournament, time is of the essence and being able to get your hands on a particular ZOOM worm or LEDGEBUSTER spinnerbait or your favorite POSSUM lure, can mean the difference between catching or not catching a bass. If you haven't tried this System, I urge you to get just one bag and try it.

I want to give you a few tricks that might improve your fishing or refine your techniques and lures to help you catch more fish. Let's start out with jigs, there are several things you can do to a jig to enhance its appeal to a bass. I use STINGER jigs which I modify just a little bit. First, I will trim the skirt with scissors so that it resembles a Christmas tree hanging upside down, this gives a lot more life like appearance in the water. Second, if I'm not fishing in heavy cover I will cut about half of the weed guard off, in other words if it's a 20 strand weed guard I would cut 10 of the strands off. Next, I fish a ZOOM super chunk on the jig, 95% of the time. If you will take a toothpick and run it lengthways through the end of the chunk, trim it off, then run the hook right behind it, your chunk will stay on a lot longer. Always have a light jig and a heavy jig on and try alternating every so often until you determine if the bass wants a slow fall or a fast falling lure. I will flip these lures on a minimum of 20 pound STREN Super Tough, but usually I use 25 pound.

Most all of us fish Carolina rigs and I use the Carolina Keeper 100% of the time because it eliminates two knots and I can adjust my leader at any time. I also use LINDY's Rattlin' No-Snagg weight, because it's almost impossible to hang up. Using a ZOOM Lizard or Centipede sometimes can become frustrating because after you catch a fish or hang up, your bait will slip on the hook. Two things you can do, to help keep your bait on longer. I use fishing glue, a little dab on the end of the hook before you slide the head on will help hold it on. Also you can run a toothpick through the head of the bait and through the eye of the hook, then trim it off. Another trick for Carolina rigging now is to use a small POSSUM Lure. Be sure to spray JACK's JUICE on all your plastics. A lot of tournament fishermen are using this lure to Carolina rig.

Floating worms and minnow shaped baits such as the ZOOM Fluke are real popular lures that you can do a lot with. The glue or toothpick trick will help to keep these lures on your hook also. A lot of times I will dye the head of these lures either red or chartreuse with SPIKE-IT dye. I feel it gives the fish a target. You can use weights inserted in the body to give the lure a faster fall. Different size STREN line can make a difference in the action of these type lures also. Don't be afraid to experiment. One recommendation is to always use a wide gap MUSTAD Ultra Point hook on these plastic lures.

Line twist is a problem we all face and there are several things to do to eliminate this. One is to have someone hold the spool when you are winding on your reel, don't overfill the reel. If you are fishing a worm make sure it is rigged straight. There are certain lures and conditions that are going to cause some line twist that we can't help. When this occurs I cut the lure off and troll out about 30 yards of line behind the boat for a minute. This will usually straighten the line out. You can also tie your line to something, back off about 20 yards and stretch it.

Keep the throttle down on your NITRO, your eye on your RAYTHEON depth finder, and when on the water, always wear your SOSPENDERS.

Good luck on your next trip and may God bless.


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