The New Millennium

The New Millennium year was a great year for bass fishing and one I will always cherish and remember. The Lord blessed me at every turn and I thank him every day.  Winning the BassMaster's Classic and Bass Eastern Angler of the year title were two accomplishments I have been so close to over the years but would always come up second. Finally everything came together and it turned out to be an unforgettable year.

I am very fortunate to be associated with the best products in the fishing industry. Nitro Boats, Bass Pro Shops (rods, reels, sunglasses, rainsuits and crankbaits), Hendrick Motorsports, Zoom Worms, Stren Line, Mustad Hooks, FlowMaster Mufflers, Possum Lures, Jack's Juice, Plano Tackleboxes, LedgeBuster Spinnerbaits, Stinger Jigs, Lindy's No-Snagg weights, Mercury, Gatorgrip, Raytheon, SOSpenders, CatchCam underwater cameras, Spike-It Dyes, and Herbies Magic dust. Each one of these products has played an important role in the great year I had fishing in 2000.

I look back at my Nitro and remember I always gotten there quicker, smoother, and dryer than anyone else. My Bass Pro Shop Extreme rods and reels have never failed me. Stren line, first B.A.S.S. tournament ever won on 6 lb. test line and it just happened to be the BassMaster's Classic! Jack's Juice has been my secret attractant for years, but now the secret is out. Mustad hooks, especially the Ultra Point, you just don't miss fish using them. Plano tackleboxes, show me a better storage system. FlowMaster mufflers get me there and back with better fuel mileage. Hendrick Motor Sports and City Chevrolet with their service and smiles, there is just no one better. Lindy's No-Snagg weights has been a real secret of mine this past year. The No-Snagg rattlin weight for Carolina rigging has virtually eliminated hanging up. I don't know how much time my competitors spent retying this year while I just kept on fishing. GatorGrip has always made the best handles and Measuring boards period.

SOSpenders a very classy life vest that allows you to fish in comfort and safety all day, a great life and time savior. Zoom plastics makes me always think of one of the famous wrestlers on TV who used to say,  he was the best, is the best, and always will be the best  and that's the way I feel about their plastics.  I'm so happy they came up with the tube lure - my Classic winning bait. LedgeBuster spinnerbaits and Stinger jigs a winning combination. Possum lures is another secret bait that has helped me tremendously over the past three years. Skipping these lifelike looking lures under boat docks has produced some big fish. Spike-It dye, when I'm smallmouth fishing, I like to dye everything chartreuse including the tail of my Zoom tube during the Classic. Starflash skirts have added so much lifelikeness to my lures and have made the difference in fish or no fish. Herbies Magic dust I use to paint all my slip sinkers to match my Zoom baits and this has helped tremendously over the years especially on finicky fish. Georgia boots, if they make a pair of boots any warmer, drier or comfortable right out of the box I don't know where it is. Raytheon Electronics, finally a depth finder that's easy as pie to use.  Staying at Ramada Inn and letting them pamper you with a good nights sleep, means a lot when you are tired after a long day of fishing.

Mercury motors are not only quiet and fast, but the gas mileage is awesome, CatchCam is the best underwater camera on the market and is a great structure locating tool. Reel Saver is the only reel oil to use for smoother and longer casting reels.

All the  products, I have mentioned above are all important to me.   I use  them everyday on the water or in my travels. The companies I work for are important to me. But even more so, are the people who work for the companies, who make these fine products, because after many years of using them I can tell they take pride in their work. Thanks guys and gals!

Good luck in your fishing this coming year and if you attend a show I'm working please come up and introduce yourself. 


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