Life Vests - an important tool with any fishing!

We have been cooped up all winter and now the weather is starting to break and we are all getting fishing fever. We can't wait to get on the water and make that first cast with that new Woo Daves' model Extreme spinning rod and reel. Getting that first bite on that LedgeBuster spinnerbait is something we have dreamed about all winter.

One thing I want to caution you about especially this time of year is the water is still cold even though the air is sometimes warm. The other thing is usually you are wearing bulky clothes and you will have a tendency not to wear a life vest. I want to beg you to get a pair of SOSPENDERS vest, one for you and one for your partner. Get the new automatic inflatable one. Not only are they light weight and comfortable but are easy to wear and repack. This is the only life vest I have ever been able to wear all day long fishing and I hardly even know that I have it on. It gives me all the confidence in the world, if I would happen to fall in or have a freak accident.

You know probably 98% of all drowning victims would still be here today if they had been wearing a life vest. That is one of the most important rules B.A.S.S. has ever done for the sport of fishing was to make it a no questions ask rule that you have to wear a life vest when the big engine is running. One of the major problems has always been the bulkiness of life vests, making it hard to fish out of, plus they are so uncomfortable to wear. Now the new lightweight SOSPENDERS are so comfortable, and it just seems like you are not even wearing a vest. If something should happen, the automatic inflatable system that is designed to float you upright, will save your life.

If you're in my Nitro, you are going to have on a pair of SOSPENDERS. Good luck in your fishing and have a safe day on the water so you can return again. God bless.


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