How long has it been?

Let's talk about hooks.  Why are there so many different styles and sizes to choose from? How do I decide what to use and why? In bass fishing hooks you have light wire, heavier hooks, regular and wide gap styles along with straight shank and j-bend styles, why?

First and foremost, let me state that you need to use the best hooks you can buy.  That means Mustad, winner of three of the last four BassMaster Classics and if the truth be known probably the past four. The new Mustad Ultra Point hook just can't be beat. You can stick the Ultra Point into a two by four and carve your initials into it and the point won't bend or lose its sharpness.

When I am Texas rigging or flipping I will use the Denny Brauer flippin' hook. This is a strong hook with a straight shank. The reason for a straight shank in these situations is because it will come through the worm easier. When the point of this hook hits the roof of a bass's mouth it won't bend, it will give you a solid hook-up. Small worms like the Zoom finesse or ring worm I will use a 1/0 or 2/0. When fishing a Mag II or a Baby Brush Hog I will use the 3/0. When I go to the Zoom 10 inch Old Monster I will use the 4/0 to 5/0.

When fishing a Zoom trick worm or a lizard I will use offset Mustad model 30121BLN black nickel hook. You have no sinker in front of the hook and you need the offset to keep your worm on the hook. When fishing smaller lizards, I will use a 1/0 and just work up in size with lure size. Very rarely do I ever go over a 3/0 when Carolina rigging. When fishing the trick worm, 90% of the time I will use a 2/0, depending upon the speed I am fishing the worm. In other words the heavier or bigger hook you use the faster you can fish the worm.

When I fish a tube I will use the Big Mouth a wide gap hook especially designed to fish on tube baits. A 2/0 in small tubes, a 3/0 in mid size and a 4/0 in big tubes. These hooks are designed to fit a tube just perfect and the special J-bend is made to keep the tube on the hook. In some situations I will even run a piece of 25 lbs. Stren line through the tube and eye of hook and clip ends off and this will help keep the tube on,

I like the Big Bite hook that comes in J-bend style when fishing Flukes or any big bodied bait. The Mustad Mega-Bite hook is also a great hook to use with these type of lures. The extra wide gap will allow the hook to penetrate the large body and reach the fishes mouth.

When it comes to crankbaits the Mustad Triple grip can't be beat. The first thing I do when I get a crankbait like the Possum Lure or Bass Pro Extreme Lure or any brand for that matter is to replace the hooks with triple grips. I hardly ever lose a fish.

Remember, lighter hooks in clear water or when finess fishing and heavier hooks with power fishing lures. Two other hooks, the Pro Stinger hook is a great trailer hook for buzzbaits and spinnerbaits and the new dropshot hook is a must for that type of fishing.

Good luck on your next fishing trip, I hope you fill your Nitro livewell with big bass.

May God Bless.

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