High Water is Calling

High water has been the beckoning call for bass fisherman this spring and there seems to be no end in sight. I think this is going to make for one of the best fishing years in a long time. We have been in a drought for the past two years and a lot of lakes, especially in the south and southeast have been way down below normal levels. This has allowed grass and bushes and other good cover to develop in shallow water. Once the water came up and flooded these areas it put a lot of nutrients in the water and gave the bait fish something to forage on giving the bass a good ambush point and plenty to eat.

This is definitely spinnerbait time. My first option would be to put my Motorguide 109 down and try to cover as much water as possible. Start in the back of creeks or in major spawning flats and throw a willowleaf Edgebuster, chartreuse/white with one nickel and one brass blade size #4 or #5. Use 20 lb Stren Extra Tough and don't be afraid to throw into the thickest cover. One thing to look for in the flats there should be grass under the water and this is a prime place to catch a big bass.

If this isn't working my next option is to find buck brush, willows or lay downs and flip a Zoom Brush hog, green pumpkin with the tail dipped in chartreuse Spike-it. Again heavy line and a 3/8 oz.weight and try to get the Hog in the thickest part of the cover. Be sure to use plenty of Jack's Juice in crawfish and I have found a lot of times it's best to make at least three flips to each cover you fish.

If this doesn't work, my next option is to stay outside the cover and throw a shad colored medium running Suddeth crankbait. This pattern can be good especially in the back portion of coves that have a channel running into them. For some reason in the spring the bait fish like to follow these channels and scatter into the cover. If you have high water remember there will be cover that you can't see out from the visible cover.

Last I would go to a Carolina-rigged Zoom lizard. In the spring I would use a 36 inch leader with a 2/0 Mustad J-bend style hook and a Lindy No Snagg rattlin' weight. Fishing in water two to ten feet. Secondary points in the creeks seem to be a prime place to start. Big bass hate lizards in the pre-spawn.

One other tip for you. Try the new power handles from Gator Grip. They give you so much more cranking power when playing big fish and are very comfortable to use. For more information contact Joe Landwerlen at Gator Grip-317-398-6281

Good luck on your next outing, and try a pair of Woo Shoes, you won't regret it.

May God bless you and take a kid fishing!


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