Finding the Pattern

This is the time of year to really start looking for off shore structure. Bass will start using routes that will bring them to feed on underwater structures such as roadbeds, humps, brush piles, stump beds, ledges etc. It can be feast or famine, slow or fast action, depending upon several factors.

Some of the things I look for are baitfish first, then the area that is holding fish. Normally if you have baitfish, you have bass in the area. Second, in early summer look for bass in the back portion of creeks out around the channel. If you find a school of bass in this area they will progress over a three to four week period to secondary points in the creek to main point ledges in the mouth of creeks then on to main lake structures in mid summer. Your larger creeks will hold bass through the summer, if they have a deep water escape route and food fish.

I will start in the back of the creek early and work a figure S pattern with my MOTORGUIDE trolling motor alternating between shallow structure to deep structures to try and find a magic depth that the bass are feeding in. Work this way until you catch fish, then totally concentrate on the depth that you locate bass feeding. In other words if I was to catch bass in the 12 foot range on a secondary point then I would narrow my fishing to only secondary points and fish them in the 12 foot range. Same thing if I caught fish in the back of a creek on a ledge in the 10 foot range, then I would look at more creeks in the same range. Once you get something going, it really eliminates a lot of water and gets you into the fishing zone you need to be in.

This is a time when you need really good batteries because you are going to be use your trolling motor a bunch. I hope you have tried the Trojan batteries. Trojan Batteries have the highest rating of all marine batteries and that says enough for me. They are the best in the business. Be sure to keep your batteries charged with your Guest Battery Charger.

Once you find a likeable piece of structure, be sure and fish it thoroughly. Many times you can fish a structure with one lure and not catch anything, but go right back through the area with another lure and catch fish. I usually use four techniques this time of year. First a top water lure such as a spook or XPS topwater lure. A lot of times you can bring fish up as much as 20 feet and this will let you know where there is a school of bass. If I get them coming up and they stop, I will throw a Zoom fluke or the four inch shad Possum lure. Second, I will use a Zoom lizard or Zoom Mag worm Carolina rigged with a 2/0 Mustad ultra point hook and a 3/4 ounce Lindy No-Snagg rattlin= weight. Third, a LedgeBuster 1 1/2 to 2 ounce spinnerbait and finally an XPS crankbait. Many times I will catch a few bass on one of these techniques and if they quit biting I can simply change the technique and catch more fish. If you can get the first one to bite it will stir them up and simply by changing the technique it will keep them biting.

If you're catching small fish, simply go a little deeper or go to a really big bait. Several things I keep in my Nitro are marker buoys, a GPS, a good map, and a pocket knocker to get my lures unhung. Keep your eye on your depth finder, zig-zag in and out, if you catch a bass, narrow your fishing to that depth and structure and your ready to go

Good luck and may God Bless!


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