Various Fall Techniques

I am often asked about fall fishing and what tactic is best. To answer this question is a lot harder than it would seem, because the fish are constantly changing and moving. But I do have some answers that might help you to catch more fish. I like fishing in the fall because it fits my style of run and gun fishing. Here are some of the techniques that might just work for you.

Always carry a buzzbait with you, as there are a lot of roaming bass and shad. You can cover a lot of territory in a hurry. The first thing I look for is stripper fisherman grouped up because this lets me know the area of the lake that has baitfish, which is a good place to start.

The second thing I have learned is to have two different size lures. I usually use a ¼ oz. Bass Pro Shop BuzzMaster and a ½ oz. BuzzMaster. You have got to throw small and big buzzbaits until you find what the fish want to bite. There is no rhyme or reason why they will bite one day and the other the next. The fuss or noise level of one or the other will work better at times. White is my first choice and chartreuse second. Alternate if you are by yourself, but if you have a partner have him throw the opposite of what you are using until something happens.

Another great way to catch fish in the fall is to learn to use a jigging spoon. I use the ¾ oz. Bass Pro Shop Sparta spoon 90% of the time. I will put a 3/0 to 4/0 Mustad triple grip hook on the spoon. Second I put a big 0-ring on the front with a good sampo swivel to tie to. Next you need a good electronic like Raymarine on the front of your Nitro.

Get a lake map and look for long extended tapering points and bends in creek channels. Then you simply ride over these areas and look for a ball of baitfish on the bottom.

Once you find them, get over these balls and jig straight up and down with a 7ft. medium action Woo Daves' Bass Pro Shop Extreme rod (XTR70MT) with Bass Pro Shops' 17 lbs. Excel line. Most beginners jig too hard and this creates a lot of stripper bites. All you need to do is raise your rod about 20 inches and let the spoon flutter back, feeling it on the way down. Believe me when he hits you will know it. Don't play with them, reel em in and throw 'em in the boat.

The third tactic that has been real successful in the past three years is to use a dropshot. Use a 6'8" Woo Daves' Bass Pro Shop extreme rod in spinning with 8 to 10 lbs. test Bass Pro Shops' Excel line, a small Mustad dropshot hook, ¼ to ½ oz. Bass Pro Shop dropshot sinker. Put the hook about 18 to 24 inches above the sinker. Put on a Zoom finesse worm, spray with Jack's Juice crawfish scent, and fish the same spots you had used the spoon. The key to the dropshot is to keep the sinker in one place and shake the worm. Don't move it like you would a Carolina rig.

Another good tactic is to just run points with a Bagley Killer B II. Once you find the type of point the fish are on just fish those points. If you catch a bass on a rocky point, fish only rocky points. If the fish was caught on a red clay point then fish only those types of points, etc.

Remember the bait is usually moving a lot this time of year and you want to stay with them. They may go shallow for a while and then deep, so pay attention to your Raymarine DS600X and use one of the above techniques that fits the situation.

Pray for our troops overseas. Good luck and may God Bless.

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