Tough Fishing calls for Drop-shot rig

Tough fishing is here, the next six to eight weeks is some of the toughest fishing we face all year. A lot of lakes start to turn over and the fish seem to go into a slow bitting mood. The first thing that I do is think  "slowdown techniques."  The fish are not going to be very aggressive and it seems like you need to keep the lure in front of them longer and finesse techniques work real well.

A new technique that is coming on strong on the bass circuit this past season has been drop shoting. This technique has been very successful on the west coast for years and has just been introduced to the east this past season.  You rig with a sinker, small Mustad reversed, turned up tapered eye ultra point hook (#2 or #4), ten lb. Clear Stren line, 6ft Woo Daves model Extreme rod and reel. This technique is a backward  from what we are use to doing.  First thing you do is to tie the Mustad Ultra point hook on the line about two feet up with a Palomar knot. Then run the line back through the top of the eye of the hook , this holds your hook out straight. Then add a 1/4 to 1/2oz weight on to the bottom of the line. You will have a sinker on the bottom and two feet up the line you will have your hook. Now add a Zoom finesse worm, Zoom tube or even a fluke.  Don't rig Texas style unless you have to for weedless purposes, run the hook through the nose of the worm, etc.

Cast the rig out and when it hits bottom just shake it. Keep it in one place for a short time then move it a foot or two and repeat shaking. If there is a bass in the area he can't stand it. Be sure and spray good with Jack's Juice and you can add a rattle to the lure also.

Carolina rigging is another good way to find and catch fish when it's tough. One thing that has really helped my carolina rigging is the new Lindy's Snag-proof weight. I rig this with a bead and a carolina keeper and its almost impossible to hang this rig up, It has really increased my fishing time and catches because I am able to work through rocks and wood where I used to stay hung up. The old egg sinker is obsolete.

If you have perfected the skipping technique with jigs and worms get you a couple of the Possum lures in the bream pattern and skip them under docks. This rubber bodied lure is a life like imitation of a bream and can be skipped just like a jig under docks. It has produced some nice fish for me this year.

God bless you and good luck on your next fishing trip in your Nitro.

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