Confidence and Concentration

Confidence and concentration are the two most abused words in bass fishing. The biggest mistake I see fishermen make are losing confidence in their fishing and developing a low level of concentration as the day goes on. You need to be in, " I can catch fish any time", frame of mind at all times and you definitely need to keep your concentration level high. You have to work through low periods when nothing seems to go right for you and realize you can't catch fish every time. The best way to do this is to go back to the basics of your strong points of fishing, keep your confidence level up and concentrate on what you are doing all day long. One thing I always try to get across in my seminars is that you can catch just as many fish in the last 10 minutes of the day as you can in the first 10 minutes of the morning.

I've had quite a few readers e-mail with the question, "What are basic colors and lures you would use if that's all you could carry on a fishing trip?" All colors will catch bass on given days but the ones that work on the tough fishing conditions are the ones I almost always rely on, anywhere I go from New York, Florida to California. In Zoom plastics (worms, tubes, lizards, and brushhogs) the colors I would use in order, green pumpkin, watermelon seed, redbug, blue mocassin, Junebug, and red shad. Ledgebuster and Edgebuster spinnerbaits, blue glimmer, white, chartreuse, white and chartreuse. Blade colors- silver, silver and gold, gold, white, and chartreuse. Woo Daves' Stinger jigs- black and blue #1 color by far, pumpkin, and brown. Zoom super chunk trailers, blue, green pumpkin with tail dipped chartreuse Spike-it dye, root beer and black. XPS crankbaits- crawfish, shad, and chartreuse. Buzzbaits- white and black. Possum Lures-pearl, bream, and chartreuse. Be sure to spray all your plastics with Jack's Juice Crayfish scent.

Two more questions I get quite often are what depth finder do I use and what battery charger works best. These are easy questions- my Raymarine L770D Digital Fishfinder is without a doubt the best affordable unit on the market. All you have to do is hit the power button and go fishing; the unit does the rest. It's water proof and just last forever. The Guest Battery Charger keeps my batteries charged all day even under extreme fishing conditions day in and day out.

One other tip for the month, be sure to wear good sunglasses when out on the water, the Woo Daves' Polarized Fisherman Eyewear sunglasses. First, I wear glasses for eye protection; second not to look for fish but to look for structure. Polarized sunglasses cut the glare off the water and this allows you to spot underwater objects like stumps, grass points, holes in the grass, brush piles, etc. These places are where you want to throw your lures and without polarized sunglasses you are just casting blindly.

Have a good fishing trip this summer and enjoy your time on the water. Remember every day you fish the Lord adds a day to your life

May God Bless You!

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