Taking Care of Business

The cost of gas just plain sucks and it sure makes it tough on outdoorsmen, but we will survive to fish another day. I'm going out on a limb and predict that you will catch more bass this year than ever before. The main reason is because instead of riding up and down the lake in your new Nitro all day, you will spend a lot more time fishing. One of my favorite saying's is it's hard to catch a bass when you are boat riding. In other words the longer you keep your Zoom worm in the water the better chance you have of catching a bass.

I fished a bass tournament in Spain a few years ago and the price of gas was $7.50 a gallon and that's stiff. There were about 90 boats in the tournament and when they left in the morning they would go to a certain spot on the lake and then never start their big engine again until time to come in. It was pretty weird because after the first 30 minutes you never saw a boat going down the lake. You know what, there was a lot of bass caught because the fishermen fished all day instead of boat riding. Lesson to be learned here is bait out of water no fish, bait in water fish.

I get a lot of e-mails about keeping tackle straight and storing it. I was blessed to meet the designer of the Plano Tackle Logic system a few years back. Mr. Hoover took everything I had in the boat from my XPS and Bagley crankbaits to Zoom worms. Also spinnerbaits, jigs, spoons, Mustad hooks, Lindy No-Snagg weights, and etc. He then arranged everything in the Tackle Logic bags that he had designed for each specific lure. It was amazing the amount of room he saved me and how simple the system works to put everything right at your fingers. I use a system of my own with smaller lures like the Zoom Hog or Centipede in red bags and the bigger lures like the old Monster worm or big Brushhog in blue bags. I will also write on the outside with a magic marker what is inside, as sometimes I can get several different lures in one bag.

If you have to fish out of someone else's boat, you need to get yourself a 3307-03 Tackle Logic system. This is a bag/box combo with all kinds of side pockets for holding everything from your Woo Daves' sunglasses to Jack's Juice bait spray. This bag is a doozy with eight hard boxes for your Bagley's, Lindy's, and Bass Pro Shop's Extreme lures. They also have two integrated Tackle Logic wraps for more storage and it features a carrying strap. You can get everything you need for a week's fishing trip in this one neat system.

Sit down this winter and go through your tackle and reorganize with the Tackle Logic System. Then when spring is here you will have everything right at your hand and spend a lot more time fishing instead of looking.

A WOO TIP -I get a lot of e-mails about wanting to know how I rig up my Carolina rig. I rig the Lindy No-Snagg Rattlin' slip sinker with a bead and a Carolina Keeper. I start out with a three foot leader, 2/0 Mustad J-bend hook and a Zoom bait. This weight is virtually snag-free. This goes right back to what I said, the longer the bait is in the water the better your odds are of hooking up. I will use the ¾ oz. slip sinker, 85% of the time, 1oz. if it's real windy and ½ oz. when there is no wind.

Good luck with your fishing and may God Bless.

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